Democrats maintain overwhelming Tucson election totals as final ballots are counted

The ballots tallied across the Tucson area since Tuesday have bolstered the results of the first vote totals, with Democrats maintaining wide leads, Vail incorporation rejected out of hand, school district funding measures passing by wide margins and a pay raise for Tucson’s mayor and City Council getting narrowly approved.

With about 9,950 more votes counted in the city mayoral race and added to the totals by Thursday, there were about 6,000 ballots not yet fully verified and tallied across the county.

Multiple jurisdictions were holding elections, in addition to the Tucson municipal races: several area school districts put bond and budget override measures before voters, and organizers were attempting to incorporate the Vail area as a town.

No specific numbers were released by election officials regarding how many ballots were outstanding in each separate election.

Wednesday evening, officials said there were about 18-19,000 remaining to tally. By late Thursday afternoon, about 12,500 more votes had been added to the total than were included in the first batch of results released Tuesday night.

The initial results included ballots dropped off by Monday, but those handed in on Election Day had to have the signatures of voters verified before they could be added to the count.

The updated counts didn’t change the results of any races or ballot measures — most of which were clear immediately on Tuesday.

The only outcome that could potentially change would be the approval of Tucson’s Prop. 413, an increase in pay for the mayor and members of the City Council, which was passing by less than a single percentage point on Tuesday.

With the added votes, that margin is essentially the same, if slightly narrowed: 43,575 in favor and 43,136 opposed (50.25% to 49.75%).

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Election results

Updated Thursday, Nov. 9. 4:30 p.m.

Tucson Mayor

Candidate Votes %
Ed Ackerley 5584 6.6
Arthur Kerschen 1209 1.3
Regina Romero 53456 60.4
Janet Wittenbraker 27941 31.6

Tucson Ward 1

Candidate Votes %
Victoria Lem 32735 37
Lane Santa Cruz 54117 62

Tucson Ward 2

Candidate Votes %
Paul Cunningham 55686 64
Ernie Shack 28236 32
Pendleton Spicer 3235 3.7/td>

Tucson Ward 4

Candidate Votes %
Ross Kaplowitch 29866 34
Nikki Lee 55853 66

Tucson Prop. 413 (Mayor & Council Pay)

  Votes %
Yes 43573 50.25
No 43136 49.75

Prop. 400 – Altar Valley schools

Prop. 401 – Sahuarita Valley schools

  Votes %
Yes 2764 57
No 2037 43

Prop. 402 – Vail incorporation

  Votes %
Yes 2983 38
No 4889 62

Prop. 497 – Flowing Wells schools

  Votes %
Yes 2063 59
No 1436 41

Prop. 496 – TUSD schools

  Votes %
Yes 50522 59
No 35144 41

Prop. 498 – Sunnyside schools

  Votes %
Yes 4044 63
No 2310 37

Prop. 499 – Sunnyside schools

  Votes %
Yes 3942 61
No 2519 39